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PostPosted: Tue Jan 15, 2013 2:34 pm 
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PostPosted: Tue Jan 15, 2013 3:25 pm 
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This guy is beyond batshit crazy.

"I didn't need to learn what I learned today." -- Jesse Ventura.
"There is but one special interest that we should be working for, and that would solve just about all of our problems, and that is our liberty. " - Ron Paul.

PostPosted: Fri Mar 08, 2013 7:20 pm 
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redsonsuperman wrote:
This guy is beyond batshit crazy.


Instead of reading the corporate media smears, check out the blog by Prof. Tracy that initiated the controversy. I think you'll find his questions and points are as valid today as they were when he posted them: ... formation/

What is beyond batshit crazy is to believe that there is anything ordinary about that medical examiner featured in the press conference. Doesn't take a paranoid eye to watch that and conclude that sinister forces are at work.

By the way, Prof. Tracy does not assert that the event did not happen. However, he is asserting that we have not been told the truth - with all that has come out, that is undeniable fact. Personally, I think we're watching a real covert operation that utilized actors to manage our perceptions as to what occurred. No one is claiming that 9/11 never happened, but some of the "eyewitnesses" interviewed on the streets of New York and at the Pentagon appear to have been the charade.

Police audio confirms what the early reports originally stated. Several suspects were detained soon after the massacre. A maroon van filled with armed suspects was apprehended at Danbury. A man fled the rear of the school and into the woods, which lead onto the property of the National Guard. He was arrested by police, and a law enforcement source told The Newtown Bee that he was "an off-duty tactical squad officer from another town." An eyewitness saw him being led out of the woods in handcuffs and said that he was wearing black combat fatigues, as was reported by the news outlets. This is significant in that the alleged gunman was also reportedly wearing such clothing. A couple from Ottawa visited both the newspaper's offices and the police department. They were stonewalled and treated with hostility at both locations.

The questions remain as to why an off-duty SWAT operative would be inside the school with a gun, wearing clothing similar to the alleged gunman, especially when he was from an entirely different town. What business did he have there and why did he bring his weapon? Why did he flee out the rear of the school and into the woods instead of attempting to help the children?

Since we are told that Adam Lanza was wearing a mask to hide his identity (which does not make sense if he planned to commit suicide) and black combat fatigues, any other masked assailant who was wearing such fatigues could easily masquerade as him. The children and teachers did not know Lanza at all, and all would give descriptions that would be similar to his masked, black camo-clad corpse. Furthermore, if the second assailant was a SWAT operative, this would explain the high level of firearms proficiency demonstrated in the large death toll and precise accuracy that the killer achieved in around fourteen minutes. Furthermore, someone with police credentials would have been able to enter the front entrance (and its new video monitoring system) without incident.

Remember, Lanza had no history of violence, no motive, no connection to the school, and limited firearms training. Like other mass shooters, he came from a family with close ties to the military-intelligence community. His uncle was in the U.S. Special Forces and his father was a wealthy executive of General Electric, the owner of NBC and a major military contractor at the cutting edge of electromagnetic warfare (and the mind control technology related to it).

Perhaps I am simply a batshit crazy. However, the government could easily prove or disprove that by releasing video from the surveillance camera at the front entrance. Or Lanza's fingerprints on the weapons. Or gun residue analysis showing that he had fired a weapon that day. Why did three news networks, all using the police as their source, that the rifle was discovered in the trunk of the car for hours, and that Lanza had only used two pistols? Why did this change only when the strange medical examiner revealed at his surreal press conference that the victims were killed by rifle fire? Why did the spokesman for the notoriously corrupt Connecticut State Police then announce on CNN that all of the weapons had been discovered inside the school, even though a video would later surface showing police removing the rifle and a shotgun from the trunk?

This all reeks of a massive psychological operation. These kinds of trauma events are ritual attacks on the public psyche.

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