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PostPosted: Sat Apr 10, 2010 5:11 pm 
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davidg8089 wrote:
I think that before you say that there was some sort of Occult or Esoteric skill in building the pyramids, you have to determine that the more typical methods were impossible, .. and even then .. you have to have more than just speculation. Speculation opens up new ideas but it doesn't actually prove anything.

Well there was most definitely an esoteric element to the building of the pyramids. The free Masons came from ancient stone masons, which possessed techniques for working with stone and erecting structures. You couldn't have just any Joe Tut, or Johny Roman walking around knowing how to make an arch. If everyone knew how to do it, then who would pay the masons to build things?

Now this does not mean there was anything mystical or magical involved, but simply that they had tricks and techniques that have been lost to history, at least publicly anyways.

I agree with you though. We can all speculate till the cows come home, but the truth is none of us were there to see them being built or how long it took, so speculation is all we really have, but you're right, no proof. Yet.

To expand on what Tim said about the Egyptian Gov't holding on tightly to the access of info and study of the pyramids. I think that even if they knew exactly how they were built and how long it took, they wouldn't release that info. I think that they make too much money from all the speculation. I mean tourism, study grants, books, etc is largely based on the 'mystery' aspect. I think all that stuff would still be there if all was known, but maybe not as much once the veil was finally lifted.

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