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 Post subject: 7.16.15: Red Pill Junkie
PostPosted: Thu Jul 16, 2015 5:16 pm 
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MP3s, Streaming Audio, and updated Podcast Feed online now. Enjoy!

Red Pill Junkie
UFO & Fortean Jam Sesson
2 Hours, 37 Minutes

BoA:Audio wraps up our international expedition from the last few weeks with an astute observer of the esoteric and one of the more perceptive pundits in the paranormal field: the man they call 'Red Pill Junkie,' who joins us from Mexico City, Mexico for a general jam session on UFOs and Fortean topics. Over the course of this lengthy conversation, we learn about the huge UFO wave which occurred in Mexico in the 1990's and connect it, via the evolution of Jaime Maussaun, to the 5/5/15 Roswell Slides event which RPJ personally attended in Mexico City.

Additionally, we spent quite some time pondering the nature of the UFO mystery, the role of witnesses in UFO encounters, the psychology of those who pursue studying UFOs as well as those who are 'true believers.' Beyond that, we delve into cryptozoological and Fortean mysteries, artificial intelligence, consciousness, and a whole host of other thought-provoking topics.

Altogether it is a contemplative edition of the program as we muse about a variety of strange and unusual facets of the realm that is the strange and unusual as BoA:Audio ventures down the rabbit hole with Red Pill Junkie.

BoA:Audio listeners who want more from RPJ are encouraged to check out his work at The Daily Grail.

Recap: We kick things off with the bio/background on Red Pill Junkie, including the deep influence of Carlos Castaneda on his interest in the esoteric as well as his evolution from fan of Forteana to one of the more prolific bloggers in the paranormal scene. Carrying on our international theme of the last few weeks, we have RPJ recount the 1990's Mexican UFO wave which created a frenzy around the subject at the time. As someone who experienced it first hand, he provides some amazing insights into the public reaction to the event.

In light of his recent return to American fame, we have Red Pill Junkie explain who Jaime Maussan is, his evolution as a Mexican TV personality and journalist, and what his standing is in the Mexican media and with the public today. This briefly turns to some talk about the Roswell Slides fiasco and, specifically, the May 5th live event in Mexico City, which RPJ personally attended alongside an astounding 6,000 people. He have RPJ provide some details on how the event was promoted, what it cost, and the demographics of folks in attendance.

Talk then turns to media coverage of the Roswell Slides fiasco, beginning with pondering if the American media overlooking the event has more to do a jingoistic bias or if it is emblematic of overall disinterest in the UFO phenomenon. We also find out how the Mexican media covered the event as well as the fallout from it. Additionally, we ruminate on the mindset of people who may still be hanging on to the 'reality' of the Roswell Slide.

We move away from the Roswell Slides and delve into discussing UFO research as a whole and the many challenges which face the field. RPJ then provides a very uplifting perspective on not being cynical about UFO research today. Looking at the challenges of language, we get RPJ's take on why he doesn't like the word 'paranormal' which leads us to talking about how many people have paranormal stories to share but are often reticent to reveal them until they know it is 'safe.'

Staying in the realm of general UFO discussion, we get RPJ's overall take on what may be behind the phenomenon as well as a more nuanced conversation about the psychology of belief. RPJ graciously allows Binnall to kvetch about the state of American ufology and we get his take on the field as well as informs us about the Mexican UFO scene.

Looking at other esoteric subjects that pique RPJ's interest, he talks about his intrigue with cryptozoological mysteries and we reflect on the ebb and flow in popularity for paranormal cases like Nessie. We continue to look at the esoteric in an abstract fashion as we talk about how the paranormal seems to be a narrative phenomenon. We return to UFOs to talk about how the phenomenon seems more stagnant than ever and particularly since they first burst into human consciousness in the 1940's.

The discussion on the stagnation of the UFO phenomenon leads us to considering how the amazing advancements in CGI may have dulled humanity's sense of wonder. That line of thought takes us to discussing space exploration, humanity's tenuous connection with nature, and the looming presence of artificial intelligence. Wrapping up the live portion of the program, we have RPJ tell folks where they can find his writing as well as potential future projects in the works.

In the post-live discussion, we lighten up a bit and talk about the challenges of making the paranormal into a job rather than a hobby as well as a truly weird turn of events where, on a word of the day app on RPJ's phone, that day's choice was 'foison,' the obscure term we discussed at length with Joshua Cutchin on our last live show. We then wax poetic about the elusive nature of consciousness and how it may connect to the paranormal and UFOs.

Closing out the program, we talk about the longstanding conspiracy theory that the human race and/or Earth are at the center of some kind of much larger universal drama. We also circle back around to artificial intelligence as well as the shadowy nature of reality and the possibility that the universe is a hologram. Getting near the end of the show, we really cut loose and find out why Red Pill Junkie uses a nom de plume rather than going by his real name.

This interview was recorded LIVE on 7/16/2015.

"Give a lunatic a keyboard and a modem and that's what happens." -- Jeff Rense, 2.25.5

"An artist has got to be constantly in a state of becoming." -- Bob Dylan

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