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MP3s, Streaming Audio, and updated Podcast Feed online now. Happy Holidays!

Stanton Friedman
11th Annual BoA:Audio Holiday Special
1 Hour, 34 Minutes

It's time, once again, for the paranormal yuletide tradition like no other as BoA:Audio proudly presents our 11th annual Holiday Special featuring Stanton Friedman. This year's festivities are almost entirely devoted to listener questions and cover a litany of topics. Over the course of this lengthy conversation, Stan responds to listener questions on topics which include disinformation, ETs as robots, Project Serpo, cryptoterrestrials and faerie folk, Gary McKinnon, Boyd Bushman, John Brandenburg, Dr. Michael Heiser and Joseph Farrell. Plus, of course, tons more topics ranging from the arcane to the humorous to the personal.

So pour yourself a glass of eggnog, kick back and relax, because the holidays are here again and with them come one of the cornerstones of BoA:Audio: our annual holiday special with the incomparable Stanton Friedman. Happy holidays!

Recap: Since we received a ton of questions from BoA listeners this year, we jump right into this year's mailbag, beginning with a question from Gene, who actually sent in a question last year that has been waiting all this time to be asked. Gene wonders if Stan ever worries that Bill Moore or Richard Doty may someday claim to have fabricated MJ-12. This leads to some talk about how an errant lunatic, alone, could claim to have fabricated the story and the media would cover it and never clarify the lie.

Next, resident BoA:Audio Australian superfan Grokl asks about why there don't seem to be any good evidence for UFOs coming from the amazing advancement of technology in the last few years. Following that, Red Pill Junkie asks what Stan thinks of the idea that the first ETs encountered by humans will be artificial intelligence. After that, Tony Tony Sakalauskas asks for Stan's opinion of Project Serpo. Kirk Walker then asks if Stan accepts the idea that there are hundreds or thousands of abductions.

Marco Withrow wants to know if Stan has ever been so fed up with the state of ufology that he considered leaving the field. The illustrious Adam Gorightly then pesters Stan by asking if he "still believes in that Roswell junk." Bernie Moonie then aks why Stanton Friedman "won't go past nuts and bolts." Will Affleck then sends in two questions and since they're both good, we allow then. First, he asks Stan thinks the cryptoterrestrial theory is possible.

We then connect Will's 2nd question with a submission from Susan Fairhurst which also asks what Stan thinks of the folklore history of faeries and other elements possibly connecting with ETs. Legendary cryptozoologist Loren Coleman contributes to this year's special with the annual question wondering if or when Stan will write an autobiography. Steve Grone then follows that up with a question about Stan's opinion on the Gary McKinnon story. Frank Spink wants to know about the deathbed confession of Boyd Bushman.

Following that, Alex Paanaan asks Stan for the quintessential book on the UFO phenomenon. This leads to some talk about James E. McDonald and get Stan's opinion on his untimely and somewhat mysterious passing. In turn, this leads to some talk about notorious skeptic and debunker Phil Klass. Getting extremely technical, listener Jim Vuvovich asks Stan for his thoughts on John Brandenburg's work which suggests there is a nuclear weapon signature in Mars.

Talk about Stan's work testing nuclear rockets, we find out how it worked and if he was ever at a secret air base, like Area 51, to test these rockets. This leads to some fun stories from Stan's days working on nuclear rockets. Getting back to listener questions, Brandon White asks Stan who his guest list would include for a paranormal Thanksgiving meal. David Hodson then asks about a mysterious abduction researcher named professor Jackson who neither Stan nor Binnall know.

Kimberly Reck then asks if Stan believes in secret underground bases such as Dulce. Jim Sapp then asks Stan for advice for up and coming UFO researchers. Next, Carl De Marco asks Stan for his response to the work of Dr. Michael Heiser, who conducted his own study on some MJ-12 documents.

Nearing the close of the conversation, we present Hillbilly's question which wonders what Stan thinks about the seemingly gravity-defying abilities of UFOs and what that might mean for the potential pilots of these craft. The penultimate question belongs to Clinton, who asks what Stan thinks of Joseph Farrell's research which suggests that the rudiments of the antigravity propulsion technology is already known publicly in patents.

And, in the final question from listeners for this year's special, K.C. Bob asks for Stan's opinion of UFOs with lights on them and if that suggests a possible manmade aspect of the craft. We also have one last question from Binnall regarding next year's presidential election. Stan details what he's got coming up in 2016, including his first ever appearance in India for a UFO lecture.

"Give a lunatic a keyboard and a modem and that's what happens." -- Jeff Rense, 2.25.5

"An artist has got to be constantly in a state of becoming." -- Bob Dylan

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