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PostPosted: Sun Aug 28, 2011 2:42 pm 
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Great documentary. Thank God for Stanton Friedman.

There are many who voice opinions on this subject whose opinions are complicated and occasionally even nuanced. But there are almost none who can be called clear thinkers.

I was gratified to hear Friedman's vigorous distinction between UFOs and flying saucers, with 'UFO' referring as a term to anything flying around in the sky that is unidentified. I was further pleased to hear one of those interviewed give the straightforward, simple definition of the so-called ETH: that some UFOs are "intelligently controlled and they're not from here".

How nice to encounter such basic straightforward thinking. Today, since the subject hasn't made much headway recently with the general public, those interested in the subject have turned on themselves. It's almost a fact of nature. One sign of this is all the silly terminological disputes with whole books being written "against" the ETH, which is only a straw man for a whole set of cultural associations and assumptions not explicitly included in the ETH itself. Much like the neurotic handwringing across the decades about whether to use the term "Negro" or "black" or "African-American"; likewise with "crippled", "handicapped", "disabled", and "physically challenged", the terms change when proponents of a certain view feel they are not gaining traction, the desired cultural shifts in public opinion. Insensitivity and even cruelty against blacks or the disabled resulted in constant transformation of the terms used in public debate in order to distinguish those who were sensitive to those who were relatively thoughtless. -- In other words, by being hip to the nomenclature you could establish that those political concerns were foremost in your thinking; you could not be accused of retrogression.

The same today with the anti-ETH crowd, which also ties itself up in knots when the wrong word is used, i.e. "alien", "extraterrestrial", and so on, but advocates equally questionable and sometimes more nonsensical terms like "interdimensional", a word without explicit basis in any contact/abduction account and certainly without any relation to the concept of dimensions as they are currently understood.

Of course, the in-fighting, the self-cannibalization can be expected for reasons given. Nonetheless, to clear thinkers who don't feel the need to eschew certain terms in favor of others in order to position themselves socially or politically in the partisan squabble, the ETH when regarded strictly does not rule out theories that some UFOS are, for example, intelligent plasmas. If they a) are intelligently controlled (even self-controlled); and b) they are not from here. Indeed, there are practically limitless possibilities when it comes to the types of explanations that might fall under the so-called ETH.

The film was well done. Friedman's a legend for a reason. Let's hope he stays real for many years to come.

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