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BoA's 2012 MLB Predictions Contest - Final Results
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Author:  binnall [ Mon Oct 15, 2012 8:14 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: BoA's 2012 MLB Predictions Contest - 1st Round Results

Hillbilly wrote:
Any predictions on game 2 NLCS Tim?

Prediction? Not really. I'm pretty unfamiliar w. both NL teams.

That said, I'm pulling for the Giants in this series. I find the Cardinals' collective luck to be both breathtaking and maddening.

But, overall, I'm totally cheering for the Tigers. Consider the Cards won in 2011, Giants won in 2010, and Yankees won in 2009, it's time for the Tigers to win it all.

On that note, I'm exceedingly disappointed that all four upstart teams got booted in the first round. It would have been a much more exciting playoffs with some combination of the A's, O's, Nationals, or Reds, since all four had been perennial losers up until recently (in some cases, like the O's, just this year).

Don't worry, though, Hillbilly, if it is a Cardinals v. Yankees WS, I'm totally on team Red Bird.

Author:  Hillbilly [ Mon Oct 15, 2012 8:38 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: BoA's 2012 MLB Predictions Contest - 1st Round Results

Yeah, I'd like to see a Detroit v St. Louis WS. But first the Cards gotta take care of the Giants. Screw them Yankees!

Author:  binnall [ Thu Mar 21, 2013 1:08 am ]
Post subject:  Re: BoA's 2012 MLB Predictions Contest - 1st Round Results

Here are the Final Results.

BoA:Audio Division
Paul Kimball - 5/10
Adam Gorightly - 4/10
Loren Coleman - 3/10
Tim Binnall - 3/10
Jason Offutt - 3/10
Greg Bishop - 2/10
Rich Dolan - 1/10 Division
shotz90s - 6/10 -- 2012 Predictions Champ (see below for tiebreaker info)
RSS - 4/10
Salvatore Lorenzo - 4/10
League Minimum - 4/10
MM - 3/10

Tiebreaker Explanation ...

BoA:Audio Division

SF Giants won National League Championship, Paul Kimball won 1 additional point. Tie caused us to go to transposed picks, where Kimball will pick up an additional point and Gorightly did not, thus giving Paul Kimball the 2012 Prediction Championship.

theusofe Division

Detroit Tigers won AL Pennant, RSS & shotz90s were tied, we went to transposed picks, where shotz90s picks up a 6/10 score over RSS' 4/10 score, thus giving shotz90s the 2012 Predictions Title.

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