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 Post subject: So, the PSN outage...
PostPosted: Tue Apr 26, 2011 11:49 pm 
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Well, it's been close to a week now for the PSN outage and everyday it seems Sony decides to give us a bit more detail about what is going on. Today they finally disclosed that people got into the system and were getting records of customers (names, passwords, addresses, etc.) but haven't said if they got credit card info (I use store bought PSN cards anyway, so I don't use credit cards on there).

The big question is who is behind it? Many people have written off Anonymous as the source because they said they would stop attacking PSN over the Geohotz thing. Then again, wouldn't that be exactly what they would say as a form of disinformation so they could go ahead and do it and have the general public not look directly at them? I realize that Anon isn't a singular group with a real organizational leader or anything, but all it would take is some of them to know each other IRL and go at it.

It's not a big deal to not be able to go online with a PS3 for a while, but for the millions who have it and do use it daily (some paying to play MMO's) the simple reasoning behind it (if it was Anon) to try to get Sony to restore OS to the PS3 for the tens of tens who actually cared about it and saying they want "To fight for the rights of PS3 users" by stripping PS3 users right to go online and use their system the way it is setup is asinine.

So what say you? Anonymous being dicks or some other reason?

PostPosted: Fri Apr 29, 2011 11:05 pm 
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Anonymous claims it isn't them, and that the theft of the identity info/credit card stuff isn't something they'd pull. I'm inclined to believe them for the time being, if only because a massive federal investigation dealing with identity theft and a major multinational corporation may be the only thing that could wreck their little party.

Additionally, there have been posts popping up on message boards now claiming to be selling upwards of 2 million credit card numbers (plus all related personal info). Supposedly whoever is doing this is saying they gave Sony the option to purchase the info back and they balked. As of now that's all unsubstantiated and may be total BS though.

Whatever the case, this is the best example thus far of why "the cloud" is bullshit. Nevermind being denied access to products you've paid for because the online service is down for over a week, we have yet another example of a corporation proving they can't keep private info safe. We live in dumb, dumb times.

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