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Author:  DiosKilos [ Thu Sep 03, 2009 8:42 pm ]

I have to tell you. I put down my MMORPG game controler a few years ago. I was a FFXI loser who spent way to much time of my life playing that game. That said the new FFXIV MMORPG looks awesome. I saw the trailer on YouTube then i watched a 5 min trailer of some gameplay and that game looks so badass. Fuckin flying ships with guns. Sword swipes that show blood. Cities on Islands connected with Ivory bridges. The graphics looks amazing. 2010 I may have to at least pick this up too try it.

Now on another front StarWars The Old Republic is a new MMORPG. Its the only game in history that every NPC will be fully voiced. No more scrolling text at the bottom, every person you talk to is voiced over, even your character will have a voice. Also its based on the games KOTOR (Knights of the Old Republic). So you have good and bad choices that will affect your overall character. Because it is a RPG you will always be analyzing your choices you make before you make them and praying to the video game gods that you dont fuck up. This will add a dynamic to the video game that no other MMORPG can boast. Both of these games FFXIV and StarWars TOR will be worth playing my choice will be if I want to be Loyal to the Final Fantasy gang or is it time to go the way of the Force and Slay Sith baddies...

Here is the FFXIV Trailer

Here is the Star Wars game play walkthrough

Author:  jboston [ Thu Sep 03, 2009 8:54 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: NEW MMORPGS NEXT YEAR

Wow. I can't believe how amazing these games look.

I'm putting all my time & money into iRacing so I'll have to skip on these.

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