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PostPosted: Sun Jan 13, 2013 4:43 am 
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DISINFORMATION and the new order.....
Joshua Seraphim


"Conspiracy movements are nothing save psychological terror, propagated by venture commercialists in the likes of Alex Jones, and Jordan Maxwell. This ilk which includes, Gerald Celente, David Icke, Jeff Rense, Benjamin Fulford, Leo Zagami, Texe W. Marrs and a few others we likely neglected to mention. These producerists popularize xenophobia in an ever increasing global society, scapegoating, and mob rule. They are not “freedom-fighters,” they are psychological terrorists expanding their commercial economic schemes, uninterested in Enlightenment and evolution.

If these producerists commercializing conspiracies sell greed of fear, we are obligated to look at their intent. Intentions of commercializing conspiracy logically arise from greed, as we stated earlier, a social dissociation and anger over economic disparity. What better means than to fuel emotions, especially during intense political change, a global war on terrorist organizations, and economic recession? Alternate motives to conspiracy commercializing I reasonably suspect are a campaign of focused disinformation from the same institutions these individuals claim to oppose. No, my dear friends I conclude the logical reason must be an innate psychosis, multiplied with a marketable and inarguable talent for promoting their message and products.

I feel obligated as an Initiate sworn to Oath in two ancient and Mystic Fraternities to examine these conspiracy producerists more closely. Alex E. Jones is the loudest and most irresponsible producerist and psychological terrorist who commercialize conspiracy. Jones produces conspiracy DVD documentaries, describing himself as an “aggressive constitutionalist,” and “paleoconservative.” He never attended a state university, briefly attending Austin Community College, and starting what would become his successful marketing of fear and paranoia on local Austin cable access television. He was soon picked up on Austin radio and later by Genesis Communications Network.

Jones has been criticized for his discourteous and obscene treatment of call-in guests, not to mention what we refer to as publicity stunts; his near assault of conservative columnist Michelle Malkin during the 2008 Democratic National Convention, and recently donning of “Joker” makeup, spoofing the ‘Joker’ character from the film The Dark Knight.

Genesis Communications Network was founded in 1998, by Ted Anderson, owner of Midas Resources, Inc. Mr. Anderson spent many years as a precious metals broker working for large corporations before striking out on his own. Midas Resources, Inc. is the parent corporation for GCN, and has been listed in various consumer watchdog web sites as engaging in deceitful business practices, deceiving consumers about the value of precious metals. One disgruntled consumer writes in a blog:

{ “January 2009 I bought a bag of 200 Walkers for $1,700. Ten months later the bag is worth $975. As you can see, Midas commonly marks up their precious metals to around 35-40% while claiming in radio ad spots they sell at nearly wholesale levels. They are con artists who will say anything.

I spoke with a local coin dealer who says it’s common for people to be scammed by radio advertisers this way. He said these companies may indeed have large overhead to justify their mark-up but obviously you can find much better deals in the marketplace then buying coins from Midas Resources.

I lost about $9,000 but have addressed the situation with another coin dealer who is helping me to recover the loss. Most coin dealers only market up 5% as their commission. Midas marked up around 40%.” }

It should be evident to any researcher of Esoterica that Alex Jones donning the film makeup of a fictional madman best suits him and his entire conspiracy racket. Yet not all is united on the psychological terror front. The Jeff Rense Program broadcasts on US satellite radio via Republic Broadcasting Network (RBN) and Internet radio. Jeff Rense, another conspiracy producerist, is distributed by Premiere Radio Networks, the parent of nationally syndicated Coast to Coast AM {a higher quality show, founded by Art Bell} but were dropped in the late 1990s.

Genesis Communications Network took over distribution at that time, and carried the show through August 2009, until Rense withdrew the show from the network after he accused fellow GCN host Alex Jones of terrorizing his family. Rense currently broadcasts via the conspiracy themed “Republic Broadcasting Network.” Rense states that Jones bragged to him that Ted Anderson, CEO of GCN & parent company Midas Resources Inc., is his “lap-dog.” {}

We advise individuals to look behind the curtains of conspiracy movements, and anti-“new world order” producerists who are not concerned for your Constitutional and civil rights, but rather, the rights to your fear and wallet."


"Our desert hath no bound, our hearts and souls have no rest." ~ Jalāluddīn Rumi

PostPosted: Mon Apr 08, 2013 3:27 pm 
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I feel obligated as an Initiate sworn to Oath in two ancient and Mystic Fraternities

BWAHAHAHAHA. So. Credible.

This means nothing to me. OK. So Jones is discourteous to guests. Big deal. His publicity stunts? Near assault?

Obviously the precious metals racket is behind GCN, so it's all crooked. Ever listen to what Coast to Coast has become? And disgruntled customers writing in blogs is not exactly a smoking gun.

Of course he's a shameless self-promoter (in part because he has to be), but, I mean, whatever. With Alex, you have to laugh sometimes, but other times he has some good things to say and a decent-sized platform to do it from.


"This series presents information based in part on theory and conjecture. The producer's purpose is to suggest some possible explanations, but not necessarily the only ones, to the mysteries we will examine."

PostPosted: Wed Apr 24, 2013 5:31 pm 
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you need to understand what people outside our circle are thinking about alex. we all know alex. we either like him or dislike him. but i mean if you really didn't know what he's all about you'd probably think he just escaped from some mental hospital or something. i remember the first time i heard him go off on something. i though he was a nut job. now, i just fucking laugh and move on.

PostPosted: Sat Apr 27, 2013 7:52 pm 
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There are nutjobs in all groups, amongst the conspiracy theorists, non-conspiracy theorists, the thumbsucking believe everything the govt tells us bunch and assorted others.

But just cuz some of them are nutjobs or some of the sane ones might have their irrational moments, doesn't mean that there aren't conspiracies or that they don't have a kernel of something correctly pegged in those moments. The trouble is sifting through all the dross.

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