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 Post subject: 9.26.15: Nick Redfern
PostPosted: Sat Sep 26, 2015 1:29 pm 
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Nick Redfern
Men in Black, Bigfoot, Chupacabra, & Rh Negative Blood
2 Hours, 32 Minutes

Prolific paranormal author and longtime friend of BoA:Audio, Nick Redfern returns to the program for a discussion on his latest esoteric offerings, including Men in Black, The Bigfoot Book, Chupacabra Road Trip, and Bloodline of the Gods. Over the course of this lengthy conversation, we cover all four new books and learn the latest on Nick's research into each of these very different, but also quite similar, paranormal genres. Beyond that, we explore a bevy of tangentially related esoteric realms, including Women in Black and Black Eyed Kids, John J. Fuller and MK-Ultra, and the weird story of Princess Diana and an Alien Big Cat.

A veritable buffet of paranormal food for thought, spanning ufology, cryptozoology, conspiracy, and overall high strangeness as Nick Redfern details the latest works in his breathtakingly vast catalogue.

Highlights: We kick things off by reflecting on how Nick has a whopping four books which all came out over the last month and talk about how weird it is for all of them to be released around the same time. We then jump in to Nick's research into the Men in Black phenomenon and first find out why this unique genre has resonated so deeply with him in that they've inspired him to write so many books about the MIB. This leads to some talk about a similar phenomenon which Nick has begun exploring: Women in Black, which segues into some talk about Black Eyed Children as well. We also ponder where these entities seem to be coming from and Nick shares some of the more prevalent theories surrounding the origins of these various entities.

Staying on the topic of Men in Black, Nick recounts the weird story of an MIB which allegedly plagued UFO researchers Jim and Mary Robinson, who managed to take a picture of this unsettling character. We then get Nick's take on the parapsychological hypothesis of Eric Oulette, who detailed his theories on the last edition of BoA:Audio. This leads to some general talk about the nature of UFOs and how they may have many different reasons for why and how they appear. This turns into Nick expressing his consternation with certain UFO researchers who self-censor information that doesn't coincide with their pet theories on UFOs.

Following we that, we tackle a listener-submitted question regarding Nick's research into John J. Fuller, author of The Interrupted Journey, and his possible connection to MK-Ultra and other possible nefarious government operations. In turn, we end up going back to discussing the UFO research community, in general, and discussing why some die hard ETH advocates are still clinging to the theory after decades with no proverbial 'break' in the case.

Moving the conversation towards another new book from Nick, The Bigfoot Book, we have him compare and contrast the Bigfoot research community with ufology, looking at how in both fields it seems like the more 'extreme' cases get ignored or marginalized by the mainstream researchers. Nick then discusses the alphabetical nature of his new book and how it includes a number of more paranormal Bigfoot elements as well as conspiracies related to the beast. Nick then details the infamous apocryphal tale of dead Bigfoot at Mt. Saint Helens.

Staying within the realm of the Bigfoot, we have Nick tell us about accounts of Bigfoot mimicking people in the forest, which takes a sinister turn as he also tells us about Bigfoot possibly making weird sounds like a baby crying as well as possibly speaking in some kind of language (as in the truly weird Sierra Sounds case.)

Next we tackle yet another of Nick's new books, Chupacabra Road Trip, beginning with just what the hell is going on with the Chupacabra, since it seemed to burst on the scene a few decades ago in Puerto Rico, then relatively disappear, and now shows up randomly on Texas TV newscasts every few years. Nick then provides a great recap of his time in Puerto Rico looking for the creature and then helpfully fills us in on the evolution of the chupacabra story and how it ended up with what appears to be two types of 'animals' being given the name despite having distinct differences.

Attempting to stay on top of the latest in Chupacabra events, we get clarification on how prevalent the classic Puerto Rican chupacabra attacks are, based on Nick's visits to the island. We also talk about how Chupacabra attacks are sometimes not reported due to farmers' wanting to upset their ranching business. Always one to creep us out, Nick also directs us to check out the absolutely insanely spooky-looking pictures of a hairless bear.

Wrapping up our discussion on Nick's recent books, we talk about Bloodline of the Gods, which looks at the unique nature of Rh negative blood type. Nick discusses how only a small percentage of people have an Rh negative blood type, but a significant number of people with that blood type have had paranormal experiences and, even stranger, a number of paranormal researchers have that blood type as well. He also talks about how this may connect to the legendary Betty and Barney Hill abduction case as well as a bizarre situation where Rh negative blood can effect pregnancies.

Nearing the end of our live show, we have Nick recount the amazing story which connects conspiracy and cryptozoology as he shares the story of how, in 1986, British special forces were tracking Princess Diana and inadvertently spotted an Alien Big Cat, but couldn't do anything about it because to take down the cat would raise awareness of her affair with Major James Hewitt. In light of Nick's remarkable output this past month, we find out what he is working on for future projects, including a book on Women in Black as well as the Loch Ness Monster. And, just as we lose the live audience, we find out if Nick has any updates on his thought-provoking book Final Events.

In the post-show conversation, we get Nick's take on the fiasco that was the Roswell slides story and how it was a huge embarrassment for the UFO research field. We also have him weigh in on whether the disastrous nature of the story was due to incompetence or fraud. Additionally, Nick talks about some of the weirder elements surrounding the infamous alien autopsy film and how there are still some questions that remain unanswered surrounding that footage. Beyond that, he talks about the potentially damaging long term effects of the Roswell slide disaster.

Finishing up the program, we talk about the consumers of UFO media and Nick shares some interesting observations about how the general population seems more open minded that the folks who are presenting the UFO research. This leads to some talk about the general nature of Ufology and how it seems to keep spinning its wheels in pursuit of the ultimate answer to the UFO enigma. In light of the futility of UFO report collection, we ask Nick what sort of information should be collected from UFO witnesses in future cases so that we may be able to glean new insights into the event. We also speculate on what, if anything, would be in the FOIA files on prominent dead UFO or paranormal researchers. We finally wrap up the program by reflecting on how Nick and Binnall were at the cusp of the pumpkin food craze back in 2009.

This interview was recorded on 9/22/2015.

"Give a lunatic a keyboard and a modem and that's what happens." -- Jeff Rense, 2.25.5

"An artist has got to be constantly in a state of becoming." -- Bob Dylan

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