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 Post subject: The wrapped-up baby
PostPosted: Mon Aug 19, 2013 12:15 am 
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Hey all... So I'm new around here and figured I should share something... So here is a story I haven't heard elsewhere (yet?), except in my country, Mexico...

The story piqued my interest, not only because I hadn't heard about it before, but because I started hearing about it from people unrelated to each other, in different places (in Mexico), during different times in my life.

[Warning: HUGE wall of text, but hopefully it's worth it]

The first time I stumbled upon this story, was when I was about 13 in Mexico City. This was '95, so I apologize if I add or miss anything, it's been a long time.

There was (still is) a ghost-story radio show called "La Mano Peluda"*, the show was 99% focused on caller stories, so this was told by one caller.

The guy said that he was walking really late at night (3am or so), the streets were completely empty, and he seemed to be the only one on the street at the time. So he's walking next to a park that, if I remember correctly, was a very big and dark park, maybe a sunken park (not sure).

So he starts hearing a baby crying incessantly, and he starts to get very concerned... Why would there be a baby crying at that time on a deserted park? He couldn't see it from where he was, and figured the baby might be at the very heart of the park (which like I said was really deep and dark). Thinking he might have to save this baby from abandonment, he goes deep into the park looking for it.

He finally stumbles upon it, and indeed there was a baby there completely wrapped in blankets. The guys picks him up and mumbles to himself: "What kind of a fucked-up mother would leave her baby like this?!", he starts to uncover the baby only to discover a "horrible" looking baby, and while he does this and barely tries to find logic to what he is seeing, the baby RESPONDS to him and says: "THE SAME FUCKED-UP MOTHER THAT GAVE BIRTH TO YOU!" and starts laughing manically. The guy, scared out shitless throws the baby away and runs like hell.
He ended the story saying that he could never understand what he saw and that it made such a huge psychological impact on him that he lost his wife, job, and his life went to hell... He had to get therapy to try to get back on track... And remember, this was a guy telling his own story, so it was more creepy to listen to his anguish and he sounded serious.

So, naturally that creeped me out a bit, I thought that was a great story and that was the end of it. But, to my surprise, it wouldn't be the last time I heard this story. I was at school a few months later, and since we were all making a lot of noise our teacher decided to calm us down with a ghost story... According to her, this happened to his grandfather probably in the 1920s (Mexican Revolution era). His grandfather was traveling in a carriage late at night with a friend. This was the 20s in a rural part of Mexico so there wasn't any kind of lighting; it was pitch dark and there was no moon that night... Deep into the night they start hearing a baby crying, so they decide to change their route and go investigate... When they start getting near they notice the horses start getting pretty nervous. They finally find a wrapped-up baby by the side of the road; the horses are really impatient by now, so the man decides he'll walk from there to pick up the baby. When he unwraps it, this time the description was more detailed: its face did NOT look like the face of a baby, more like a small adult face, barely human; a dark and textured skin (like it was charred), but hairy at the same time; red eyes, and a horrible smile. Naturally the man freaks out, throws the baby away and jumps and flees the scene, while the baby remains laughing maniacally as they ride away full-speed.

6 or 7 years later I hear a very very similar story told by me by a friend, this time in Monterrey (northern Mexico). Apparently his grandpa also lived a very similar thing. But to my surprise that wouldn't be the last time I heard about the story. About 3 years later, just by pure chance my brother told me yeat another similar story heard from a close friend... Some guy was walking late at night in a rural hospital... again the cries, and the wrapped up baby... he picks him up, unwraps him, and in shock says "Oh my GOD, what a HORRIBLE BABY!", the baby then turns to him and says "MORE HORRIBLE WILL BE YOUR NEXT SEPT 16TH"**, and again the baby is left there laughing while the person runs away.

So yeah, that's the story. Mexico has a very rich ghost folklore, and if I don't stop now I could go on and on. Hopefully you enjoyed the story, and if you've heard something like that before, well... let me know, cause I haven't heard about it elsewhere. Again, the stories might be a little off since it's been so long since I heard about them, but that's the essence. Been a paranormal fan, I've got tons of more stories I've picked up from my grandmothers, aunts, taxi drivers, and so on.... People in the rural areas have the most awesome stories.


*I'll tell you what that means and why they called the show like that some other time if you're interested... It's basically a folk ghost story about an autonomous ugly/hairy hand that terrorizes people at night...

**Coincidence or not, Sept 16th is Mexico's Independence Day

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